Governor's Institute for Career Education and Work
Advertising Your Business!


Governor’s Institute for Career Education and Work Activity

by Greg Notestine and Lori Casanova


Advertising Your Business!

Standards Addressed
  • 13.2.8 G Identify and demonstrate knowledge of manipulative/motor skills related to the student’s career interests.
  • 13.1.8 A Identify careers that are related to student interests, abilities, and aptitudes.
  • 13.1.8 E Analyze the relationship between school subjects and extra-curricular activities to career preparation.
  • 13.2.8 B Explain and demonstrate the completion of multi-faceted technical tasks using a variety of sources (Equipment, facilities, information, instruments, processes, tools).
  • 13.3.8 B Explain and demonstrate conflict resolution skills (constructive criticism, group dynamics, managing, mediation, negotiation, problem solving).
  • 13.3.8 C Explain the role of each participant’s contributions in a team setting.
  • ST 3.7 A,B,C,D,E; HSPE 10.4 A,B; HSPE 10.5 A,B,C,D
Brief Overview Students design an advertising campaign for their hotel
Grade Level 7th or 8th
Content Area(s) Business/marketing, Technology Education, Art
Other standards supported ASCA, PSCA, NCDG, SCANS
Prep Time 30 Minutes
Implementation Time 120 Minutes
Learning Objectives Students working in teams will design an advertising campaign to “sell” a hotel, motel, or resort. Students will identify and demonstrate knowledge of manipulative/motor skills used in the career of Advertising and Design.
Materials Needed Markers, pens, pencils, paper, tag board, magazines, blackboard, chalk, a variety of art supplies.
Detailed Activity Steps
  1. Students will learn about the career of marketing and will evaluate motor skills required in this area.
  2. Class brainstorms how things are sold (i.e. radio, television, magazines, sports events, etc.)
  3. Review advertising concepts discussed in previous lessons, and look at magazine advertisements for the entertainment industry.
  4. Divide the class into teams, making an attempt to take into account the motor/manipulative skills of each student. Explain instructions and have class begin to plan and design their ad campaign. Involve the use of slogans, jingles, characters, etc.
  5. Have students draw their final draft on tagboard.
  6. Teams share completed projects and set up a display areas.
  7. Have students think about career possibilities in media/marketing as well as hotel/motel management, and have them evaluate their personal strengths in the skills required for this activity.
Theory basis Super Theory, Trait-Factor Theory, Holland Theory
Evaluation/Assessment Review each advertising campaign
Comments The teacher should remind students of activities completed in 3rd and 5th grade relating to hotel management careers.
Enhancement Activities
  1. Have other classes vote on the most effective advertising campaign.
  2. Create a scrapbook of campaigns.
Adaptation for at risk kids None needed.
Resources HowTo… Career Development Activities for Every Classroom 10 – 12, University of Wisconsin/Board of Regents, 2001

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