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How To Be A Great Chaperone

Help Your Students Get the Most Out of a Penn College Visit

We host many on-campus experiences each year for literally thousands of students and chaperones at Pennsylvania College of Technology. How can you help you students get the most out of these efforts? Here are some suggestions.

Chaperones are here to facilitate their students' successful experience on the Pennsylvania College of Technology campus. In order to do this, you must, you HAVE TO, YOU NEED TO stay with your students at all times! This might sound tough; but we have found over the years that when chaperones "know the ropes" so to speak, and follow these guidelines, then their students have a great experience. Chaperones should refrain from bringing young children with them.

Let us give you examples of some situations:

  • Say two of your students want to go to a vending machine over in another building to buy some candy. They are famished. It is two hours until lunch. Should you let them? Not by themselves! It may be a reasonable request, but do not let them go off by themselves. Go as a group.
  • Here's another example. Say three of your students have to go to the restroom, the most basic of requests. Do you send them off by themselves? NO! Go as a group. Wait outside the restroom. Stick together.
  • Bear with me; one more example. You have some down time before your bus picks you up for the long trek back home. Your feet hurt, and you would love to sit back and rest in the comfy chairs in the lounge. Your students, on the other hand, being sixteen and full of pep, would like to go outside "to get some fresh air." GO WITH THEM. Stick together. You can rest on the bus back home.

We take great care to plan these events so everyone involved can have a great experience. We also take great pride in our beautiful campus and cutting edge equipment. Be a great chaperone! Help your students have respect for our hospitality. Be a great representative of your school district. We appreciate it, and we will invite you back!

If you have any questions, please contact our Career Specialist, Outreach for K - 12

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