Health Careers Camp

A camper preparing to take a dental x-ray

Dental Hygiene

Did you ever wonder what is really going on in the dental office? Participate in a variety of hands-on activities pertaining to the dental hygiene profession, including the fabrication of a mouth model and learning more about preventative dentistry techniques.

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Medical Imaging

Since the discovery of X Radiation 116 years ago, radiographers continue to be on the front line of investigative medicine. See and experience the inner workings of the human body through medical imaging technologies. Take and develop x-rays, witness the use of computed radiography, and participate in a variety of additional activities while learning about careers in radiography.

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Gain first-hand experience in many exciting activities related to the nursing profession including taking blood pressures and temperatures, pulse oximetry, protective gear, and making an occupied bed.

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A camper practicing her skills inserting an IV

Occupational Therapy Assistant

How does a developmental delay affect a childís world of play and learning? How does a stroke affect an adultís ability to care for family and home? How does one cope with life challenges after having been drug and alcohol dependent? Learn about a variety of developmental, physical, and psychiatric challenges that affect participation in meaningful life roles and activities, and how occupational therapy practice helps to remediate or adapt to difficulties in activities of daily living, work, or play.

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Paramedic Technology

Participate in hands-on activities involving paramedic skills utilized in pre-hospital cardiac arrest management, including techniques in airway management (endotracheal intubation, cricothyrotomy), electrical therapy (defibrillation and pacing), and medication administration.

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Physical Fitness Specialist

Come prepared (sneakers and comfortable clothes) to learn how to assess your fitness level. We will determine body composition, strength, flexibility, and test your general knowledge in a fun environment, using state-of-the-art equipment.

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Physician Assistant

This hands-on workshop introduces students to aspects of medicine, as practiced by physician assistants. The workshop will cover basic anatomy and physiology of the human body and the varies examination techniques.

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Surgical Technology

This hands-on workshop introduces you to the skills needed to perform in the operating room. Explore how surgery is performed using actual surgical instruments and suturing equipment. Try your skill at an appendectomy, tonsil/adenoidectomy, and skin stapling on a simulated model.

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