Governance Committees

Four standing committees and one executive oversight committee represent various College constituencies. Their functions are clear, and their membership includes students as well as employees, as defined in the Bylaws and determined annually through elections. The committees include the following:

Academic Standards & Issues Committee

Reviews and makes recommendations pertaining to instructional methodology and materials, program evaluation, core curriculum, student retention and probation, and academic standards.

Curriculum Committee

Reviews and makes recommendations concerning proposed new and revised majors and courses.

Elections & Communications Committee

Conducts annual Governance elections, making recommendations to the election/appointment process as appropriate. The committee also promotes communication between Governance and the campus community.

Student Affairs

Evaluates and makes recommendations pertaining to aspects of student life, including housing, athletics, extracurricular activities, student government, non-academic fees, commencement, and general student welfare. The committee also addresses issues surrounding due process and grievance procedures for students.

College Council

Oversees the operation of other standing committees, forwarding their reports and recommendations on to the College president as appropriate. College Council also studies issues not assigned to a specific standing committee or those specifically identified by the president.

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