About the Penn College Foundation

The Pennsylvania College of Technology Foundation, formerly The Williamsport Area Community College Foundation, is a non-profit, tax exempt organization, established in 1981. The Foundation operates for the purpose of securing financial and other support for Pennsylvania College of Technology. Some of our activities include:

  • Providing student scholarships and other financial assistance;
  • Soliciting and acquiring both restricted and unrestricted funds;
  • Soliciting additional monies for the Endowment Fund;
  • Assisting in the general promotion of the College.
Penn College Foundation Board of Directors

Linda B. Alberts
Aubrey V. Alexander
Jay B. Alexander
Larry Allison, Jr.
Karen Blaschak (Honorary Trustee)
Al A. Clapps
John M. Confer
Jon P. Conklin
Nichole Crawford
James E. Cunningham
Thomas W. Dempsey (Honorary Trustee)
Marc F. Demshock
Davie Jane Gilmour
George E. Girio
Anna Griffith
Michael J. Hudock, Jr.
James P. Huffman
Philip H. Johnson
Christopher E. Keiser
Daniel A. Klingerman
George E. Logue, Jr.
William Manos (Honorary Trustee)
William J. Martin
Patrick Marty
Raymond R. Mattie
Dr. John S. Neil
Ann S. Pepperman
Annmarie Phillips
Charline M. Pulizzi (Honorary Trustee)
Jeffrey W. Rauff
Joseph H. Reynolds
Paul H. Rooney, Jr.
John P. Ryan
Linda Schultz (Honorary Trustee)
Mark C. Sitler
Steven M. Sleboda
Bruce A. Smithgall
Barry R. Stiger
David L. Stroehmann (Honorary Trustee)
Albert R. Styrcula (Honorary Trustee)
Steven Uzupis
Michael A. Vuocolo
Robert P. Walker
Marshall D. Welch, III
Ray Wheeland
John M. Young

Penn College Foundation Executive Directors

Robert Dietrich, 2008-
Joann Kay, 2004-2007
Dennis Correll,1999-2004
Lenore Penfield,1993-1999
Sue Girdon,1993
Ann Barilar,1986-1993
Frederick Gilmour,1983-1986
William Homisak,1981-1983
Grant Berry, Jr.,1981

The Pennsylvania College of Technology Foundation, Inc. and Pennsylvania College of Technology are non-profit 501(C)(3) tax exempt organizations.

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Williamsport, PA 17701


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