Pre-Enrollment Advising Session Registration

The following sessions are for students who have completed the placement process and are planning to begin classes in the Fall 2014 semester. The Fall 2014 semester starts on August 18. Follow the steps presented below to register for a session specific to your major.

Attending your Pre-enrollment Advising Session

You have two options for attending your Pre-enrollment Advising Session.

1. Attend a Session on either August 6, 7, or 8. The date and time of your session will depend upon your major. Register below. (Step 2 will provide you with your major-related date options.)


2. Attend your Session after Connections (new student orientation) on August 15. You will register for each separately. Register for your Advising Session below. Register for Connections on the SIS, under "Miscellaneous Information."

Connections is a two-day program. (The Connections page contains the program's agenda.) You will attend your Advising Session on the second day (after Connections). The Advising Session will begin at 2 p.m. at Penn's Inn in the Campus Center (CC); check-in will begin at 1:30.

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