Requesting a Retest

Penn College will grant you a retest if we believe there is a reason to retest you. You may request a retest if you meet one of the criterion explained below.

Professional Remediation and Retest

You may request a retest if you plan to work with a tutor to brush up on your skills. To be approved for a retest, we require that you work with a professional who can assess your skill level and provide you with the materials, instruction, and guidance that you need to strengthen your skills. You may choose to remediate by doing one of the following:

  • work with a private tutor (teacher or other professional)
  • attend a learning center
  • take adult education courses (or other non-credit courses)
  • participate in other programs designed to build skills in your deficient area

This option works well for those who have experience with the subject area but need to refresh their skills. It is not recommended for students with little or no background in the deficient area.

Retest due to Extenuating Circumstances

You may ask to be retested if you believe that your test results are not an accurate reflection of your skill level due to illness, injury, or other circumstances that negatively impacted your test performance. You may also ask to be retested if you did not test with accommodations originally, but are eligible for accommodations. See Testing Accommodations.

Remediation is not required for this category, but sometimes recommended.

To determine if you are a good candidate for a retest, we may review high school transcripts, SAT/ACT scores, or other documentation to see how your past academic achievement compares with placement test performance.

Retesting Parameters

  • Retest requests are not granted automatically. We must have a clear reason to retest you. Your request must meet one of the criterion described above in order to be approved.
  • You may request a retest in up to two* subject areas.
  • You may retake a placement test one time only.

*If you will be retesting with accommodations, you will work with the Disability Services Office to determine the number of subject areas in which you are eligible to retest.


Accessing the Retest Request Form

If you believe that retesting is a good choice for you, complete and submit the Retest Request Form. Submit the form after you have chosen a method of remediation. Access the form by doing the following:

  1. Login to SIS.
  2. Select “Admissions Information” on the left.
  3. Select “Placement Test Results” and click on “Retest Request Form” at the bottom of the page.

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