Proctor Responsibilities

If you have agreed to be a proctor, you have agreed to administer a prospective student’s placement test in an online environment. As a proctor, you will have the following responsibilities:

  • Administer Penn College's placement test according to the guidelines we provide.
  • Be present with the student for the duration of each test, up to three hours of total test time.
  • Ensure the security of all testing materials.
  • Be sure that the testing location is equipped with a computer that meets technical requirements.

Once the student has been approved for off-site testing, Academic Services and First Year Programs will send you an instructional e-mail. The e-mail will contain the following:

  • A three-week time frame in which placement testing must be completed
  • A list of tests the students will take
  • A password that you will need to access the tests
  • Instructions for accessing the placement tests
If you do not receive the instructional e-mail, please contact Academic Services and First Year Programs.

The Tests

The placement test series includes math, reading, and English (see Overview & Contents). Not all students will take all of the placement tests. Some might take only one or two parts. Your instructional e-mail will tell you which parts of the test your student is required to complete.

All tests are timed. Students who are taking all parts of the test will spend about three hours testing. Tests do not have to be given consecutively. Tests may be administered one at a time if necessary to accommodate the schedules of those involved. For example, a student may take the math test on Monday and the English test on Wednesday. However, all required tests must be completed within the three-week time period indicated in the instructional e-mail.

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