Accessing the Placement Tests from Off-site

Students and proctors both play a part in accessing the online placement tests. After you receive your off-site testing approval and instructions by e-mail, you and your proctor will follow the steps below to access the placements tests.

  1. Print these instructions.

  2. Go to the Student InformationSystem (SIS). Log in with your Penn College username and password.
    • You received your username and password in your acceptance packet. (It is the same username and password that you used to request off-site testing.) If you have trouble logging in, please contact the Student Help Desk (570-322-7154).

  3. Select “Admissions Information” on the left.

  4. Then select “Placement Testing.”

  5. On the Placement Test page, you will see the list of placement tests that you are required to take (along with the Math Placement Information Form if you have not completed it already). Be sure to complete all tests listed.

  6. You will be prompted to run a browser check to make sure the computer meets the placement test technical requirements. This important step will ensure that you do not run into disruptive compatibility issues during the testing process.

  7. Select the first test from your list of required tests; the test will open to an instructions page.
    • Please Note: Each test begins with a page of instructions specific to that particular test. It is important that you carefully read and follow the instructions that are associated with each test to ensure that your answers are accurately recorded.
  1. After the student has read the instructions and is ready to begin, enter the password that you received in the instructional e-mail.
    • Please Note: You will need to enter the password only one time per testing session. A testing session ends once the student has exited the SIS.
  1. After the proctor has entered the password, you may begin testing. Each test will conclude automatically once time has run out.

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