Frequently Asked Questions about Scholarships

How do I apply for scholarships? Do I need to submit a FAFSA in order to be considered for scholarships?

You can apply online for Penn College scholarships. With one application, you will be considered for all Penn College scholarships for which you meet the criteria. Be sure to review the applications dates and selection process information before you apply.

Many scholarships have financial need criteria, and we recommend that you submit your complete FAFSA as early as possible each year. In addition, you must have a Financial Aid Application (FAA) on file with the Financial Aid Office for the academic year in which you are applying for scholarships.

We also provide an external scholarship list for your convenience. At the bottom of that list, you will find search engines for regional and national scholarships.

Penn College Scholarship Application

When should I apply for scholarships?

The online scholarship application for the next academic year opens in December and closes on October 1. We recommend students apply before we start the awarding process in early March. .

Scholarships funded by non-Penn College sources have varied application deadlines; be sure to read each scholarship's information carefully.

Must I be enrolled as a full-time student to receive a scholarship?

Most scholarships require that be enrolled as a full-time student, though a few allow for part-time status.

I have been awarded a Penn College scholarship for this year. Does that mean I will receive that scholarship during every academic year I attend?

If your Penn College scholarship is renewable, you will be the first student considered for that scholarship next year as long as you submit your application and meet the basic criteria. However, you must maintain the grade-point average (GPA) specified in that scholarship's criteria (typically a minimum of a 2.50 GPA). There is a limit of two years of eligibility for students in an associate's degree program, and a limit of four years for those in a bachelor's degree program.

Are scholarships subtracted from my student bill?

All Penn College scholarships, once awarded, are reflected on your "View Financial Aid Information" screen of SIS and credited as a payment toward your student bill.

For scholarships funded by external sources, once Penn College has received the money for your scholarship, it also will be applied toward your student bill. Please understand that sometimes money from external sources does not arrive until after the bill due date.

I applied for Penn College scholarships last year, and wasn't awarded any money. Am I wasting my time by applying for scholarships again this year?

Applying for scholarships is an annual process. Just because you didn't receive any scholarship awards last year, that does not mean that you will not receive any the following year. You must apply each year to be considered.

Should I write a “thank you” to the donor(s) of the scholarship award that I received?

Yes! When receiving a Penn College scholarship, we encourage you to write a thank you note (or letter) to the donor or donor representative. Penn College works closely with donors to raise scholarship funds, and a thank you note is a nice gesture that lets donors know you appreciate their gift of scholarship.

I received a letter in the mail stating that I would be guaranteed a scholarship if I mail an application fee of $250 to a scholarship company. What should I do?

You will never have to pay to receive a scholarship at Penn College. Any e-mail, letter, or phone call that you receive that asks you to pay to be considered for a scholarship should be discarded. In all likelihood it is a scam. If at any time you receive a solicitation concerning this topic, feel free to contact the Financial Aid Office to have it verified as a legitimate source of scholarship money.

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