Federal Policy Regarding Repeated Coursework

A student may receive Federal financial aid (Pell Grant, Federal Supplemental Opportunity Grant (FSEOG), Federal Work-study, Direct Stafford Student Loan, Direct Parent PLUS Loan) a maximum of two (2) times when repeating a previously passed course (taken at Penn College or transferred in). In other words, once a student has passed a course the student has one additional attempt to complete the same course and still be eligible to receive Federal financial aid for that course.

What if I withdraw from a course the 2nd time I attempt it, after passing it the first time? Is the course eligible for Federal aid if I attempt the course a 3rd time?

Yes. A withdrawal is not a 'completed' attempt.

Does it matter whether I received Federal financial aid the first time I passed the course that I want to repeat?

No. Federal aid cannot be awarded for a course that you passed once, completed in a 2nd attempt, and plan to take a 3rd time, regardless of whether you previously had Federal aid or not.

If I am eligible for a Federal Pell Grant and I schedule 14 credits and 3 of my credits are impacted by this policy, what happens to my Pell Grant?

We must base your Pell Grant award on 11 (14 total minus 3 ineligible) credits, and your account will be credited with a 3/4-time Pell Grant.

If I am eligible for a Federal Direct Loan and I schedule 7 credits and 3 of my credits are impacted by this policy, what happens to my Loan?

We must base your eligibility on 4 (7 total minus 3 ineligible) credits. Since a minimum of 6 credits is required to be eligible for a Direct Loan, we will cancel your Direct Loan.

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