ESL Credit Program

Credit Intermediate and Advanced Classes (Levels 2-4)

Classes emphasize vocabulary, reading, grammar, writing, listening, and speaking. These levels focus on preparing students for academic tasks such as writing essays, taking notes, reading textbooks, and making presentations to help with transition into their majors.

Students' initial enrollment level is determined by submitted TOEFL or IELTS scores.

Entrance Criteria
Level 2 397 30 93 4.5
Level 3 437 41 123 5
Level 4 480 54 157 5.5
College 520 68 190 6

All new students must successfully complete ESL 100 Orientation.

Learning activities among courses at each level are linked, and students are required to successfully complete all courses at each level in order to move to the next level. Students successfully meeting the minimum TOEFL score while enrolled in any level are not required to complete the next level, but may matriculate to their majors after completing any required placement testing. Students must meet all entrance requirements for their majors before they will be allowed to enroll.
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Admission requirements for ESL credit program

Applicants who wish to apply to the ESL program must provide documentation of a minimum TOEFL score of 397 ITP, 30 IBT, 93 Computer- Based, or IELTS no less than 4.5
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Conditional acceptance may be available for applicants who do not meet minimum English proficiency requirements but are otherwise academically qualified for admission. An offer of conditional admission means that once you have met English proficiency requirements, have successfully passed Penn College's placement exams, and have shown sufficient financial guarantee, Penn College will re-evaluate your status for full admission to an academic program.

Applicants will receive a Penn College ESL Program Expectations and Procedures document, which will explain the policies of the program and important information. They will be expected to sign the document.

At the conclusion of the program, students must obtain a minimum TOEFL score of 520 ITP (or equivalent) and meet minimum placement requirements to matriculate to an associate or baccalaureate major.

ESL credit program dates

Spring 2015 Semester (16 week semester)
  • Application Deadline November 1
  • ESL Orientation Day January 9
  • Classes start January 12
  • Classes end May 9
Summer 2015 Semester (12 week semester)
  • Application Deadline March 1
  • ESL Orientation Day May 15
  • Classes start May 18
  • Classes end August 8
Fall 2015 Semester (16 week semester)
  • Application Deadline May 1
  • ESL Orientation Day August 14
  • Classes start August 17
  • Classes end December 11
Spring 2016 Semester (16 week semester)
  • Application Deadline October 1
  • ESL Orientation Day January 8
  • Classes start January 11
  • Classes end May 7
Summer 2016 Semester (12 week semester)
  • Application Deadline March 1
  • ESL Orientation Day May 13
  • Classes start May 16
  • Classes end August 4

Unable to meet admission requirements for ESL credit program?

Noncredit Beginner and Pre-Intermediate Classes (Levels 0-1), for students who have no English proficiency or very weak proficiency, are also available.

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