Smart Energy Computers

Shut Down

Computers are everywhere - on every desk, in every classroom. Should we leave them running or not? Information Technology Services recommends the following:

Office Computers

  • Shut down your computer when you leave the office for the day.
  • Turn off the monitor, printer, and other peripherals as well.
  • When you turn off your office light, look back at your computer; no small power lights should still be on.

Classroom Computers

  • Turn off the computer, monitor, speakers, and other peripherals when leaving the classroom.
  • Turn off the projector when leaving the classroom.

Even though it may take less time to boot-up from a 'screen saver' mode, turning off the computer is the smartest use of energy. Taking the extra 60 seconds to boot-up from a power-off also corrects some program glitches.

When possible, replace tube-type monitors with thin-panel monitors, which use less energy.

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