Assistive Technology

One-on-one training is available for most of the assistive technology programs and systems. Some of the assistive technology available through Disability Services includes:


Personal Computers

Disability Services has three personal computers loaded with assistive technology programs. Students eligible for extended time testing can also use these computers to access faculty network drives when taking tests in the Disability Services testing area.

Laptop Computers

Disability Services has four laptop computers loaded with assistive technology programs such as Kurzweil 3000, Jaws, Zoomtext, eClipse Reader, Dragon Naturally Speaking and PDF Equalizer. Students registered with Disability Services may borrow a laptop on a per semester basis.

MagniLink X Split Video Magnifier

This device can be connected to a computer and offers split screen function so that both computer and reading camera can be displayed on the 17" monitor at the same time. The split screen can be adjusted in either vertical or horizontal direction.

Topaz Video Magnifier

This desktop magnifier with a 19" LCD flat panel monitor has split screen function so that both computer and reading camera can be displayed. Adjustable magnification and positive-negative contrast control are also available. The magnifier is designed to accommodate visual impairments. 

Echo Smartpen

This mobile note taker is a pen which records everything a student hears and links the audio to notes that a student writes. It can be used to transfer both notes and audio to a computer. Students registered with Disability Services may borrow this piece of equipment on a per semester basis.

Quick Link Pen Elite

This mobile note taker enables a student to electronically scan and store text and images and save them to a Personal Computer. The pen is used just like a yellow highlighter when scanning text. The pen also has a digital reader to read the text that's been scanned into its memory. Students registered with Disability Services may borrow this piece of equipment on a per semester basis.

Williams Sound Personal FM Listening System

These wireless systems use transmitters and receivers to allow hearing in difficult listening situations, such as in the classroom. With this system, the instructor wears a lapel microphone and transmitter. The student wears a receiver and earphones. The system is designed to accommodate students with hearing impairments.


Dragon Naturally Speaking

This speech recognition software is designed to accommodate learning, physical, and visual disabilities.

JAWS for Windows

This on-demand screen reader software is designed to accommodate blind and visually impaired persons with on-screen navigation of the computer.

Kurzweil 3000 Professional Color

This scanning and reading software is for students with learning disabilities or reading difficulties. Printed text is scanned into the program using an HPScanJet Pro 3000 s2 scanner. The electronic text is read by a synthetic voice.

PDF Equalizer

This software program will not only open up any version of a PDF (Portable Document Format) file, it will read the text using a synthetic voice that sounds very close to the human voice.

eClipse Reader

Digital Talking Book Playback software programmed to play Learning Ally's AudioPlus books. User can navigate by page, chapter or section.


This magnifier/screen reader software provides a full range of magnification levels up to 16x. A synthetic voice reads documents, Web pages, and e-mail to accommodate low vision users, as well as those with learning and physical impairments.

Current students can find a detailed list of assistive technology by location on the Disability Services portal site.

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