Dining Services Disclosure Statement

Please read this rights and liabilities statement carefully. Consult our Dining Services Brochure for additional information.

* Unless otherwise stated, "account" refers to all Meal Plan accounts.

Account Access Limitations

A student's Penn College ID card will not be programmed with Meal Plan information until the student has completed an applicationmade payment to the account. A student may not use an ID card to pay for purchases if there is no balance in the account or if the balance in the account is less than the amount of purchase. Students may not use Meal Plan balances when classes are not in session due to holidays or vacations or during the summer semester, unless on a plan for this type of use.

Account Holder's Liability for Unauthorized Purchases

An account holder's liability for unauthorized charges made with a lost/stolen card is as follows:

  1. If the account holder reports the lost/stolen card within 2 business days of discovering it is missing, the account holder shall be responsible for not more than $50 of unauthorized charges.
  2. If the account holder reports the lost/stolen card more than 2 business days but within 21 calendar days of discovering the card is missing, he/she may be responsible for up to $200 of unauthorized charges.
  3. If the account holder fails to report the lost/stolen cared within 21 calendar days of discovering the card is missing, he/she may be responsible for all unauthorized charges.

Dining Services reserves the right to review an account to determine appropriate refunds/credtis.

Notification Procedure for Lost or Stolen Cards or Unauthorized Card Use

Notice of lost or stolen cards or of unauthorized card use should be reported immediately to Dining Services, who will de-activate the account to prevent unauthorized use. Lost/stolen cards can be reported by one of the following methods.

  • Online: http://www.pct.edu/sis/
  • E-mail: dining@pct.edu
  • Telephone: 570-327-4767 or fax: 570.321.5543
  • In person: Dining Services Office, Main Campus, Hager Lifelong Education Center, Room A137
  • U.S. Mail: Dining Services DIF 78, Pennsylvania College of Technology, One College Avenue, Williamsport, PA 17701

When reporting in person or by phone, be aware that normal operating hours of the Dining Services Office are 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m., Monday - Friday. Hours vary when classes are not in session and during summer semesters.

Notification should include the following:

  1. The account holder name, Penn College ID number, date, and dollar amount of transaction
  2. A description of the transaction in question and reason for discrepancy
Error Resolution Procedures

A written request for resolution may be required. If Dining Services requires, but does not receive a written submission within 10 business days, the office may not investigate the transaction or credit the account.

Dining Services will make every effort to report the results of our investigation to the account holder within 10 business days of the account holder's request. However, if necessary, the investigation may take up to 45 days. If Dining Services requires more than 10 business days to investigate, the account holder's account will be credited for the amount of the discrepancy, allowing the account holder use of the money during the period of our investigation.

If Dining Services determines that no error occurred, the office will send the account holder a written explanation within 3 business days of our completed investigation. The account holder may request copies of the documents used in the investigation.

Associated Charges

Student ID cards are used to make Meal Plan purchases. Lost, stolen, or abused student ID cards may be replaced for a $10 fee at the ID center located in the Bush Campus Center.

The College will charge a $25 fee for all returned checks.

Refunds of Meal Plan Balance

Refunds of a meal plan account balance vary by type of account and whether the semester is still in progress:

  1. Available balances may be refunded prior to the end of the semester only if the student voluntarily withdraws from the College and are processed as follows:
    • Declining Balance account balances are refunded, less a $10 administrative processing fee.
    • Board Plan meal costs are refunded based on the following schedule;
      • Up to and including the first day of classes - full refund.
      • Second day through the end of the third week of the semester - based on a prorated schedule.
      • After the third week of the semester - no refund.
  2. End of semester refunds are processed as follows:
    • Declining Balance account balances in excess of $10 are refunded in full.
    • Board Plan meals are not refunded.
    • Unspent flex dollars that are included with the initial meal plan are not refunded. However, unspent flex dollars that were added during the semester will be refunded if over $10.
  3. No refunds are issued for amounts less than $10.

Note that available balances in Meal Plan accounts may be used to offset other financial obligations to the College.

Changes to a Meal Plan

Changes to a Meal Plan must take place within the first week of the semester.

Liability for Account Transfers

If Dining Services does not complete a transfer to or from a student account on time or in the correct amount according to the agreement, Dining Services will be liable for losses or damages. However, Dining Services is not liable:

  1. if, through no fault of Dining Services, the student does not have sufficient account funds to make a transfer.
  2. if the Meal Plan system was not working properly and the student was aware of the breakdown when starting the transfer.
  3. if circumstances beyond our control, such as fire or flood, prevent the transfer, despite reasonable precautions.
  4. when other exceptions apply, as stated in the agreement.
Disclosure of Accounting Information to Third Parties

Penn College will disclose information to third parties about the account holder's account or transfers made only: (1) in order to comply with court orders or other applicable laws, or (2) if the account holder provides written permission.

Account Statements

Account information is provided in the account holder's secure Student Information System (SIS) account. Paper statements are not mailed or otherwise sent to account holders.

Account Holder Agreement

By submitting the online Meal Plan form, you are acknowledging that you read, understand, and agree to the terms of the Meal Plan programs as disclosed above.

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