Personal, Career & Academic Counseling

Personal Counseling

Counselors are available for all your academic and personal needs.College counselors are available to aid students in resolving many types of problems including social, emotional, vocational, and personal concerns. All information is handled in a confidential setting. Services of the Counseling Center include:

  • Short-term personal counseling
  • Crisis intervention
  • Career development
  • Administering and interpreting self assessment inventories

In some cases, a counselor will determine that the needs of a student would be best met through a community agency off-campus. Referrals are made when the student is in crisis, has a long-term, ongoing problem, or can otherwise benefit from the resources of an outside agency. Counselors will assist students in obtaining such services when appropriate.

Career Counseling

Students can receive support in career decision-making through Counseling Services. Students are able to talk with counselors concerning a wide range of career options.

Counselors have resources such as The Career Assessment Inventory, a practical and "user friendly" survey of interests that is locally machine scored for immediate feedback. Counselors are available to assist students with the entire career decision-making process.

Students are encouraged to make use of additional resources in the Career Resource Room, which includes books and periodicals, college catalogues, online career information, and career-related magazines. Career Services also provides a variety of online resources including the Penn College Career Hub.

Academic Counseling

Counselors provide academic intervention activities designed to assist students who are experiencing academic difficulties. In addition to being available in the Counseling Services Center, counselors also collaborate with the Academic Schools to provide support to students. A counselor is available to assist students who are having academic difficulties by working with them to develop a personal plan for success.

Interested in Transferring to another Institution from Penn College?
Schedule an appointment with Counseling Services to discuss the transfer process. Whether you already know to what school you’d like to transfer or just want to explore options, counselors are available to help you through the decision-making process.

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