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Use of College Facilities: Insurance Requirements

Prior to actual approval to use the College's facilities, the applicant must furnish proof that it has in force a public liability policy. Proof shall be in the form of a Certificate of Insurance in which the College is included as an additional insured. The term of the insurance must cover the entire period of use as indicated by the dates and times on the application, including rehearsals. If use is limited to one day, the policy may be limited to one day. The document may be drafted to cover general use of facilities for an entire policy period to permit flexibility and allow for last-minute changes. The requisitioning organization may specify that insurance carriers automatically update the College's records with each policy renewal for the sake of convenience.

The following are the minimum limits:

  • Bodily injury, $1,000,000 single limit
  • Property damage, $1,000,000 single limit

If the organization has in force a general liability insurance policy in limits equal to or in excess of those described above, a Certificate of Insurance for this policy will be accepted by the College, provided the existing policy is endorsed to include the College as an additional insured for the period of use of College facilities by the organization. The Certificate of Insurance MUST include the notation that the College is an additional insured.

The Certificate of Insurance must be approved before use of facilities can be confirmed.

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