Smoking Cessation - Quit Burning Money Today!

A pack-a-day smoker spends an average of $1,460 a year on cigarettes based on $4 per pack.

Quitting smoking is not easy, but over a million Americans find a way to do it every year. Once they have joined the 50 percent of adult smokers that have quit, they can enjoy all the benefits of being an ex-smoker:

  • Dramatically reduced risk of heart attack, stroke, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and lung cancer and thousands of other health problems
  • Fresher breath and cleaner teeth
  • Fresh-smelling clothes, homes and cars
  • Renewed senses of taste and smell
  • Freedom from smoker's cough
  • Freedom from shortness of breath
  • Money saved from not buying cigarettes

The key to quitting is preparation. Unless fully prepared, many people are unable to stay smoke-free. Preparation begins with a firm commitment to quit smoking.

If you want to meet the challenge:

Please call 570-320-5234 to make an appointment to talk to a medical provider!

Free medical consultation to discuss smoking cessation medication and treatment options are available at College Health Services.

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