Impaired Student Recovery Area

Initiated in 1999 as a health and safety initiative, the Impaired Student Recovery Area (ISRA) provides a safe location for students found to be significantly intoxicated and would be a safety or health risk to themselves or others due to their intoxication. The ISRA is NOT a punishment or a College judicial sanction, but is a medical observation area to ensure the safety of Penn College students. Certified Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) provide care and oversight to students.

Impaired Student Recovery Area video

College Police are contacted when a College employee encounters a student who appears severely intoxicated. The officer determines if the student needs to be taken for immediate medical assistance or to the ISRA.

Upon arrival

  • Inventory is taken of personal belongings and documented on evidence tracing forms completed by both College Police and the EMT.
  • Detailed health and substance abuse history is taken by the EMT.
  • Basic physical exam is completed and documented by the EMT.
  • A vital signs monitor is attached to student.
  • Preliminary breath test readings are retaken.
  • Audio and video recordings begin for protection of student and staff.

EMT’s role

  • Monitor vital signs
  • Deliver basic medical care determined by the timing and amount of ingestion of alcohol beverages
  • Provide oral hydration by supplying water
  • Complete health history and assessment to look at the length of use, type of alcohol being ingested, and the amount consumed
  • Conduct breath alcohol rechecks to look at trending of the metabolism of alcohol
  • Notify Emergency Medical Services and arrange transportation to emergency care (approximately six blocks away) if needed

Upon release

  • Personal belongings are returned to student.
  • Student is escorted back to apartment by College Police.
  • Student is billed a fee.
  • Most students will receive one or more of the following judicial sanctions by the College:
    • BASICS (Brief Alcohol Screening & Intervention of College Students) session
    • Assessment through Counseling Services
    • Judicial probation

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