Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What health forms are needed to attend Penn College?

We ask all new students to complete a self-appraisal health form. You are NOT required to have a physical exam or have written verification of immunizations. The self-appraisal health form was distributed at placement testing and are also available at the College Health Services Office.

Do I need to get a meningitis vaccine?

The Center for Disease Control recommends that all incoming freshmen receive the meningitis vaccine. In accordance with these recommendations, incoming students living on and off campus should be immunized against meningitis. The Meningitis Documentation Form is available online and during Residence Life check-in at the start of each semester.

How much does it cost to be seen by Health Services staff?

There is no charge to students for office visits, although a nominal fee will be charged for immunizations, medications, and supplies received. All fees must be paid before leaving Health Services. We accept Wildcat Plus, credit card (MasterCard & Visa), check, or cash.

Will my information be kept confidential?

Your medical record is confidential. All files are locked and electronic medical records are secured. No information is released to anyone on- or off-campus without your written authorization.

What do I do if I have to leave a phone message?

When leaving a phone message, let the receptionist know the urgency of the problem, your name, and the phone number where you can be reached. Calls will be returned as soon as possible.

What do I do if Health Services is closed?

When our office is closed, leave a phone message with your name and phone number. A member of our staff will contact you the following business day. If you have an emergency, go directly to the nearest emergency room. If you need immediate assistance, call Penn College Police at 570-321-5555. If hospitalization is required, please ask someone to notify our staff so that we can make your professors aware of your situation. Arrange follow-up care, as directed by the emergency department or any discharging physician, with our office the following business day.

Do I have to go to the emergency room by ambulance? Can't College Police take me?

College Police do not transport sick or injured students, except under special circumstances and when requested by Health Services. Unless you have a friend with a car, ambulance transport is your only choice. Sometimes an ambulance is your best choice, especially for more severe injuries and illnesses.

If I get sick, can't I go home to see my own doctor?

It is each student's personal choice whether to use his or her own family doctor or Health Services. We encourage all students to take advantage of our convenient services.

Do I need an appointment to be seen by Health Services staff?

For your convenience, we see patients by walk-in-appointment. One of our nurses will evaluate your situation; if needed, an appointment with the Penn College physician will be arranged. In case of an emergency, you will be seen without an appointment by one of the nurses and scheduled to see the physician accordingly. If possible, call ahead to inform the staff of emergency situations before you arrive. If you cannot keep an appointment, please call to cancel so others may be scheduled.

If I need a physical for my academic program or to participate for a varsity sport, can I get one on campus?

Yes. Appointment slots for required physical examinations are sometimes booked a month in advance - call early to make an appointment for a physical.

What if I am too sick to come to Health Services?

On-campus students: During normal business hours call our office at ext. 5555 (non-emergency) or dial 911 from a campus telephone (emergency). A College police officer and a member of Health Services will be dispatched to assist you. After hours call ext. 5555 (non-emergency) or 911 (emergency) from a campus telephone.

Off-campus students: During normal business hours, call our office and we will advise you. After hours, call 911.

What if I have a prescription? Where can I get it filled?

Health Services dispenses medications to students if the prescription is written by the Penn College physician. Prescriptions from other physicians should be taken to a local pharmacy to be filled. [Pharmacy listing]

I need regular blood tests because of the type of medicine I'm taking. Can your staff draw my blood so I don't have to go off campus?

Yes. Call our office for an appointment for blood work. Bring the order from your health care provider with you. We processes blood work at the Susquehanna Health laboratory. At our request and your approval, Susquehanna Health will fax the lab results directly to the health care provider that ordered the laboratory tests.

I get allergy shots. Can I get them in College Health Services?

Yes. To receive your allergy injections in our office we ask that you submit the following items:

  • A letter from your allergist stating that he/she will allow you to receive your injections in the Health Services Office while a physician is present and that you must wait 15-20 minutes after receiving your injection
  • Allergy protocol from your allergist
  • Serum from your allergist

Please call Health Services if you have questions and/or fax the above information to our office for review at 570.329.4947 (fax number). The fee for allergy injections (unlimited injections) is $30 per semester, payable during your first visit. We accept Wildcat Plus, cash, credit card (MasterCard & Visa), or check.

Can I keep medicine in my room?

Yes. You can have prescription medicines in your room as long as they are prescribed to you and have the original label on the bottle.

Does Health Services need to know about the medication I keep in my room?

No. But we would like to know if you are taking medication for a prolonged period of time, such as seizure, hypertension, or diabetic medication. Please make sure you have noted your current medications on your self-appraisal health form. In case of emergency, we ask that you let us know of any medications that you will be taking on a continued basis (this does not include short-term medications such as antibiotics or pain relievers).

If I am covered by my parent's insurance plan, I don't need student insurance, right?

Students should research the type of health or prescription plan they have and how it works. Some plans cover non-emergency expenses only if the College is within the plan's geographic area. Some require referrals for certain services or lack coverage for out-of-network providers. Some prescription cards can only be used at network pharmacies that are inaccessible to college students without personal transportation. Most plans provide coverage only to full-time students and only until they are 23 years of age. These issues complicate and delay health care needed at college. Considering the affordability of student health insurance and our experience with the health care needs of our students, we strongly encourage students to enroll in a student health plan even if they have other health insurance. Contact us for more information.

If I have student insurance, should I still bring my other health insurance cards with me to College?

Yes. Either bring your cards (medical, dental, and prescription) or photocopies of the front and back of the cards.

Do I need health insurance to attend college?

No. However, illnesses, emergencies, and accidents can cost thousands of dollars. Health insurance may not be mandatory, but is strongly encouraged.

Can I use my own insurance for visits to the Health Services office?

No. We do not accept any form of health insurance. During your visit, we will give you a receipt, which you can turn into your private insurance for reimbursement.

What hospitals and drug stores are near the College?

We are fortunate to have five hospitals within 40 minutes of the College and 27 pharmacies in the Williamsport area. [Hospital listing / Pharmacy listing]

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