Children's Learning Center

At the Children’s Learning Center, our first priority is establishing a safe, nurturing, and responsive environment where children’s physical needs are met and they feel psychologically secure. We believe that high quality early care and education fosters the physical, social, emotional, language, and cognitive development of young children. Reciprocal relationships with each child’s family are an essential element of quality. We value and celebrate each family’s unique composition and their cultural, ethnic, and linguistic background. Positive relationships among all children and adults promote each child’s sense of individual worth and belonging to a community.

We believe children are active learners who construct an understanding of the world around them through play and exploration of their environment. Teachers support and enhance children’s learning by providing the time, materials, and relationships children need. Children learn at varying rates and in different ways. They also have different methods of representing what they know.

We believe adults are also active learners. We are committed to supporting the education of Pennsylvania College of Technology students who are learning about children and families. This is best accomplished by providing them with opportunities to work directly with children and families, under the guidance of professional educators who serve as role models and mentors, in an exemplary early care education setting. We believe that children’s development and learning are enhanced by their experiences with the Penn College community.

Approved February 14, 2006
Middles States Steering Committee

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