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Applied Health Studies (BAH)

(Effective Fall 2009)

The Bachelor of Science in Applied Health Studies is a degree-completion major for individuals who are certified or soon to be certified, licensed, or registered in health care professions. It is designed to prepare health care practitioners to function in a dynamic health care environment and to build on current knowledge and skills to assume a role in leadership. Currently or soon to be U.S. credentialed (certified, licensed, registered) health care practitioners who meet Penn College's admissions requirements are eligible for this major.

The major may be completed either full or part-time to accommodate students' work or personal schedules. Required courses are available via distance education. Students can avail themselves of the core knowledge, at an advanced level, that guides all health care practitioners. This curriculum provides students the opportunity to increase their knowledge base in management and administrative issues; to integrate and synthesize technical knowledge to assist in planning, problem solving and evaluating health care delivery methods and systems; and to expand knowledge and skills to establish a more marketable multi-skilled background.

Career Opportunities

Graduates of this major will be U.S. credentialed health care practitioners. This degree can offer opportunities within disciplines and/or health care systems to expand clinical roles and/or seek positions in management, administration, or education. Students may also complete this degree in order to apply for master's level degrees in fields such as, but not limited to, health care administration, education, business, occupational therapy, physical therapy, physician assistant studies, or pre-medical studies.

Recommended High School Subjects

A science-based academic program at the high school level is recommended for this major. However, an individually developed program of college level course work can be designed to augment high school (or secondary) course work.

Special Admissions Requirements

Student transcripts will be evaluated for professional credit by the department head. A maximum of 47 credits in program-specific courses will be transferred in “blocks” and not as individual courses.  All general education courses that meet College requirements will be eligible for transfer according to College policy.  A minimum of 36 bachelor-degree credits must be Penn College credits, and 24 of those must be at or above the 300 academic level.  Students must provide a copy of their health care credential prior to graduating from this major.  Students are highly recommended to submit their health care credential for review and approval as soon as they receive it, but before the beginning of the HTH 494 Capstone course. Health care credentials must be current and in good standing; expired credentials are not acceptable.  For more information on the credentials that are accepted as well as their exact value (9-47 credits), please contact the department head of Applied Health Studies.

Remediation Strategies

All developmental needs must be remediated before entry into this major. Students who enter this major must have a GPA of at least 2.0.

Transfer Procedures

Health care workers who are or are soon to be U.S. certified, licensed, and/or registered in a health care area are eligible to be evaluated for entry into this major. Individual portfolios/credentials/transcripts will be evaluated by School of Health Sciences officials for transfer credit. All students entering the program will be considered transfer students, including those who have graduated from a Penn College associate-degree major and those who have completed hospital-based training programs.

Students interested in a health care training program at a non-traditional education site (e.g., hospital) can be considered for entry into this major as a "pre" or provisional acceptance student IF the institution/program has a formal articulation agreement with the School of Health Sciences. See "Special Admissions Requirements" above for specific conditions and restrictions for entry under this option.

International health credentials/licensure, sciences courses, and most math courses will not be accepted to satisfy requirements of this major. Please see additional information for international students applying to Health Sciences majors.

Program Goals

A graduate of this major should be able to:

  • evaluate and utilize techniques and skills for problem solving and decision making.
  • value and formulate plans for continuing personal and professional growth and development.
  • recognize and evaluate effective organizational, operational, and management skills common in health care environments.
  • evaluate the effectiveness of health care delivery in a varied and changing environment.
  • evaluate and use professional literature and scientific studies.
  • recognize and evaluate the roles of leadership in developing, organizing, and managing programs relevant to the needs of health care.
  • identify and assume personal accountability for ethical, political, and legal concerns within the realm of health care practice.
  • identify, integrate, and value the need for cultural sensitivity in health care practice.
  • draft reports, case studies, grants, and/or proposals that include appropriate documentation and that demonstrate mastery of the full range of writing skills.
  • integrate professional behaviors and communication into professional roles and serve as a role model for other health care professionals.
  • understand and apply the fundamentals of funding sources and systems that affect health care.
  • gain familiarity with the technologies available within the health care environments, recognizing uses and limitations, applications and sources.
  • expand knowledge and skills in specific topics related to health care practice, as determined by the individual's professional growth needs.


Pre. ProgramCredits
BAHTransfer Requirement Electives 47 
Fifth SemesterCredits
ENL111English Composition I 3 
SPCSpeech Elective 3 
MTEMath Elective (MTH150 or Higher) 3 
SCLScience Elective with lab 4 
HUMHumanities Elective 3 
CORLiberal Arts Elective 3 
Sixth SemesterCredits
ENL121English Composition II 3 
ENL201Technical and Professional Communication 3 
SSESocial Science Elective 3 
HUMHumanities Elective 3 
ARTArt Elective 3 
FORForeign Language Elective 3 
AAEApplied Arts Elective 3 
IFEInternational Field Experience Elective 3 
ARTArt Elective 3 
HTH310Health Issues and Transitions 3 Writing Enriched Requirement &
Cultural Diversity Requirement &
Science, Technology and Society Requirement
HTH325Health Care Delivery Systems 3 
Seventh SemesterCredits
HTH330Medical Ethics 2 
SSESocial Science Elective 3 
SCIScience Elective 3 
MTEMath Elective (MTH150 or Higher) 3 
FITFitness and Lifetime Sports Elective 2 
OEAOpen Elective / Associate 6 
HTH447Health and Human Services Public Policy Development 3 
HTH448Health Care Public Policy Development 4 
HTH494Senior Capstone Proposal 2 
Eighth SemesterCredits
CSC124Information, Technology, and Society 3 
HTDDirected Applied Health Studies Electives 15 
HUMHumanities Elective 3 
ARTArt Elective 3 
FORForeign Language Elective 3 
SSESocial Science Elective 3 
AAEApplied Arts Elective 3 
HTH496Senior Capstone 3 

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