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Materials, Safety and Equipment Overview for Nanofabrication (PSU: ESC211)


Overview of basic semiconductor industry processing equipment and materials handling procedures with a focus on maintenance, safety, environment, and health issues. Topics include cleanroom maintenance, safety, and health issues; vacuum pumping maintenance, environmental, safety, and health issues (covering direct drive mechanical, roots blowers, turbomolecular, and dry mechanical systems); furnaces maintenance, safety, environmental, and health issues (covering horizontal, vertical, rapid thermal annealing tools); chemical vapor deposition system maintenance, safety, environmental, and health issues (covering gas delivery, corrosive and flammable gas storage and plumbing, regulators, and mass flow controllers); and vacuum deposition/etching system maintenance, safety, environment, and health issues (covering microwave and RF power supplies and tuners, heating and cooling units, vacuum gauges, valves, and process controllers). Specific materials handling issues include DI water solvents, cleansers, ion implantation and diffusion sources, photoresists and developers, metals, dielectrics, toxic flammable, corrosive, and high purity gases, and packaging materials. 3 Credits (2 Lecture - 3 Lab)

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