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Fitness Nutrition


Examination of the role nutrition plays in developing fitness programs, including a discussion of nutritional myths and dietary beliefs related to exercise. Emphasis on making educated food choices and developing nutrition programs to enhance health and fitness programming. 3 Credits (3 Lecture) Prerequisite(s): BIO103 and PFS210.

Nutrition for Special Populations


Examination of nutritional needs and diet therapy and the relationship between health and sickness for a wide range of special populations. Emphasis on the relationships between age, gender, trauma, chronic and acute illness, and various forms of nutritional therapies. 3 Credits (3 Lecture) Prerequisite(s): SPN180.

Nutrition for the Athlete and Bodybuilder


Examination of the nutritional needs of athletes and body builders and exploration of the nutritional differences between the professional, college, and amateur athletes. Topics include nutritional needs created by muscular and cardiovascular development, and the consideration of the age and gender of athletes with regard to nutrition. Discussion also includes foods, supplements, vitamins, minerals, and anabolic steroids use in athletes and bodybuilding. Legal and moral implications of using supplements and anabolic steroids are debated. 3 Credits (3 Lecture) Prerequisite(s): SPN224.

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