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Principles of Clinical Medicine III


Continuation of the clinical medicine series in which lecture and lab are combined to address diseases affecting the reproductive, musculoskeletal, rheumatoid/autoimmune, and neurological systems. Development of patient management plans and interpretation of medical literature is continued. Analyses include normal and abnormal laboratory, radiographic, diagnostic findings, when appropriate. Special topics in clinical medicine include human sexuality, HIV infection, diseases of aging, and sports injuries. Principles and guidelines for organizing and developing a structured approach to thinking about patient care are addressed during lecture, with practical application in a simulated patient scenario format. The scenarios are complete and require thorough decision making at all levels, from patient presentation to treatment or referral, as appropriate. (Formerly PHA367) 5 Credits (3 Lecture - 6 Lab) Prerequisite(s): PHA369. Corequisite(s): PHA359 and PHA362 and PHA371. Summer Only.

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