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HTD Directed Applied Health Studies Electives

Courses selected in this area allow the opportunity to explore areas of specialty within their discipline, or established multiskilled competencies to expand their knowledge base, flexibility and marketability for their practice. Courses selected for these electives should be approved by the student's Program Director in conjunction with the adviser and/or Health Sciences Dean.

  • HIT310 - Health Informatics
  • HIT315 - Clinical Issues in Health Information
  • HRM300 - Human Resource Management
  • HTH311 - Medical Practice Administration
  • HTH312 - Alternative and Complementary Medicine
  • HTH321 - Application of Teaching and Learning Styles in the Allied Health Professions
  • HTH332 - Quality Assurance for Healthcare Workers
  • HTH336 - Human Sexuality: A Health Professional's Perspective
  • HTH360 - The Role of the Health Care Provider Related to Death and Dying
  • HTH373 - Collaborative Health Care
  • HTH382 - Ethical and Legal Issues Related to Medicine
  • MRI300 - Introduction to Magnetic Resonance Imaging
  • MRI305 - Magnetic Resonance Sectional Anatomy and Pathology I
  • MRI310 - Magnetic Resonance Instrumentation and Imaging
  • MRI315 - Magnetic Resonance Pulse Sequences
  • MRI319 - Physical Principles of Magnetic Resonance Imaging

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