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Diesel Electronic Fuels: Systems, Operation and Diagnostics


Introduction to theory and operation of the different types of electronic fuel injection systems used by the major manufacturers of on-highway heavy-duty diesel engines. Topics include electronic fuel systems, parts and components identification, usage and operation, electronic governoring, set up programmable functions using laptop computers, and diagnostic readers. Introduction to advanced electrical/electronic system principals, sensor type and function, sensor testing, system analysis using a digital multimeter (DMM) and/or special tooling, schematics, and wiring diagrams. 5 Credits (3 Lecture - 6 Lab) Prerequisite(s): DSM116 and DSM119 and DSM120 and DSM154 or DSM109 and DSM116 and DSM154 and ELT122 or DSM116 and DSM119 and DSM154 and ELT122 or DSM116 and DSM119 and DSM120 and DSM154. Fall Only.

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