Nontraditional Careers for Women

Pennsylvania College of Technology offers the following programs, which represent nontraditional career paths for women (as of November 23, 2010).

Business & Hospitality [school website]

Competency Credential

  • Competency Credential: Financial Planning (001)

Associate of Applied Science

  • Business Management (BM)
  • Hospitality Management (HM)

Bachelor of Science

  • Accounting (BAA)
  • Accounting (BSA)
  • Business Administration: Banking and Finance Concentration (BBF)
  • Business Administration: Human Resource Management Concentration (BBH)
  • Business Administration: Management Concentration (BBM)
  • Business Administration: Marketing Concentration (BBK)
  • Culinary Arts and Systems (BCA)
  • Technology Management (BTM)

Construction & Design Technologies [school website]

Female building construction studentCertificate/Competency Credential

  • Applied Technical Studies: Basic Construction Emphasis (TO)
  • Applied Technical Studies: Building Maintenance Emphasis (TB)
  • Applied Technical Studies: Electrical Trades Emphasis (TL)
  • Applied Technical Studies: Masonry Emphasis (TF)
  • Electrical Occupations (EO)
  • Plumbing (PH)
  • Residential Builder (RB)

Associate of Applied Science

  • Architectural Technology (AT)
  • Building Construction Technology (CB)
  • Building Construction Technology: Masonry Emphasis (MN)
  • Electrical Technology (EL)
  • Electromechanical Maintenance Technology (MT)
  • Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning Technology (HP)
  • Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning Technology (HV)
  • Renewable Energy Technologies (RE)
  • Transmission and Distribution Technology (TR)

Bachelor of Science

  • Building Automation Technology (BBT)
  • Building Science and Sustainable Design (BST)
  • Building Science and Sustainable Design: Architectural Technology Concentration (BSD)
  • Building Science and Sustainable Design: Building Construction Technology Concentration (BSC)
  • Construction Management (BCM)
  • Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning Design Technology (BHD)
  • Residential Construction Technology and Management (BRM)

Health Sciences [school website]

Female physical fitness specialist studentCertificate/Competency Credential

  • Paramedic Technician (PE)

Associate of Applied Science

  • Emergency Medical Services (ER)
  • Physical Fitness Specialist (FS)

Bachelor of Science

  • Health Information Management (BHI)

Industrial, Computing & Engineering Technologies [school website]

Female civil engineering technology studentCertificate/Competency Credential

  • Applied Technical Studies: Machining Emphasis (TG)
  • Applied Technical Studies: Welding Emphasis (TW)
  • Competency Credential: National Security Telecommunications and Systems Security (023)
  • Machinist General (MG)
  • Welding (WE)
  • Nanofabrication Technology (018)

Associate of Applied Science

  • Automated Manufacturing Technology (AF)
  • Civil Engineering Technology (CT)
  • Computer Aided Drafting Technology (CD)
  • Electronics & Computer Engineering Technology: Electronics & Computer Engineering Emphasis (EE)
  • Electronics & Computer Engineering Technology: Robotics & Automation Emphasis (RO)
  • Information Technology: Technical Support Technology Emphasis (TU)
  • Machine Tool Technology (MY)
  • Plastics & Polymer Technology (PS)
  • Surveying Technology (SU)
  • Welding Technology (WA)

Bachelor of Science

  • Civil Engineering Technology (BCT)
  • Computer Aided Product Design (BCD)
  • Electronics and Computer Engineering Technology (BEE)
  • Information Technology: Information Assurance and Security Concentration (BIS)
  • Information Technology: Network Specialist Concentration (BNW)
  • Information Technology: Software Development & Information Management (BSI)
  • Manufacturing Engineering Technology (BAF)
  • Plastics and Polymer Engineering Technology (BPS)
  • Welding and Fabrication Engineering Technology (BWE)

Sciences, Humanities & Visual Communications [school website]

Certificate/Competency Credential

  • Competency Credential: Associate Web Design Specialist (022)

Associate of Applied Science

Bachelor of Science

  • Graphic Design (BGD)
  • Industrial and Human Factors Design (BID)

Transportation & Natural Resources Technologies [school website]

Female forestry technology student

Certificate/Competency Credential

  • Automotive Service Technician (AM)
  • Aviation Maintenance Technician (AC)
  • Collision Repair Technician (CL)
  • Diesel Technician (DC)
  • Motorsports Service Technician (002)

Associate of Applied Science

  • Automotive Service Sales and Marketing (AK)
  • Automotive Technology (AU)
  • Automotive Technology: Ford ASSET Emphasis (FA)
  • Automotive Technology: Honda PACT Emphasis (AH)
  • Aviation Technology (AD)
  • Collision Repair Technology (CR)
  • Diesel Technology (DD)
  • Forest Technology (FR)
  • Heavy Construction Equipment Technology: Caterpillar Equipment Emphasis (CH)
  • Heavy Construction Equipment Technology: Operator Emphasis (HY)
  • Heavy Construction Equipment Technology: Technician Emphasis (HE)
  • Landscape/Nursery Technology: Turfgrass Management (TM)
  • On-Site Power Generation (PW)
  • Ornamental Horticulture: Landscape Technology Emphasis (OD)
  • Ornamental Horticulture: Plan Production Emphasis (OH)

Bachelor of Science

  • Automotive Technology Management (BAU)
  • Aviation Maintenance Technology (BAV)

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