Powder Puff Football GamePenn College is proud to have 30 intramural athletics sports with more than 1000 students, faculty, and staff participating.

Intramurals are fun, recreational, social, and competitive on-campus sports activities for Pennsylvania College of Technology students. These are designed with the everyday athlete, just like you, in mind. This is a great opportunity for you to have some fun and to try that new sport you've always wanted to learn!

Students can view intramural schedules, results, clinics, rules, and Field House availability through the myPCT Portal.

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Intramural Sports


Archery Tournament
Archery Tournament is for individuals who shoot compound or re-curve bow and arrows. The tournament is divided into two groups and both groups have a female and male tournament.


Singles and Doubles
Test your badminton skills in this best of three games to 15 points game. There will be a singles and doubles competition in male and female divisions as well as a mixed doubles division.


Two on Two
Two on Two basketball is played on half of the outdoor basketball court (weather permitting). The first team to make 15 baskets will become the two on two basketball champion!
Three on Three
Teams battle through 12 minute halves on the basketball court inside the Field House. Players are responsible for calling their own fouls. Get ready for a fast-paced game, because the clock doesn’t stop except for the last minute of each half.
Five on Five
Teams of five players contend in the Bardo Gym with Penn College referees. The game is played in accordance with all N.C.A.A. rules. This game is played on a full court with two 20 minute halves.
Three-point Shoot Out
Participants in this event will be given five basketballs to be shot from each corner and the center of the three-point arc. The fifth ball in each group is considered the "money ball" and will be worth double points. The individual with most points will become the winner.
Foul Shot Competition
Participants will be given 25 attempts to make the most foul shots possible. If a tie occurs, participants will be awarded an additional 10 free-throw attempts.

Dodge Ball

League and Tournaments
Join one of the most popular intramural activities at Penn College! Teams of seven participants stake claim on half of the Field House basketball court. Individuals remain in play until they are either hit by a live ball or another player catches a ball that they have thrown.

Fantasy Games and Sport Picks

Fantasy Football, Top 25 College Football Picks
Picking the NFL winners each weekend and the NCAA Bracket Challenge are fun ways to participate in Intramurals without having to be active!


Don't miss the opportunity to participate in one of the most popular intramural activities at Penn College! Teams are formed of four players, three receivers and one quarterback, in a timed game.
Powder Puff
Comprised of an all-female team, Powder Puff football is by far the most popular intramural sport at Penn College. Don't let the name fool you, participants have been known to put in long nights practicing and the games get rather intense! This event is held at least twice a semester on the Penn College Athletic Field.
Punt, Pass, and Kick
The Punt, Pass, and Kick competition combines the participants ability to throw, kick, and punt a football. Each competitor is given three attempts at each skill. The participant with the highest score for combined distance is declared the winner.


Ultimate Frisbee League
Ultimate Frisbee consists of five player teams battling to reach 11 points first on the Penn College Athletic Fields. Games will be self-officiated unless an intramural supervisor is present.


Closest to the Pin
Participants are given three opportunities to hit the golf ball closest to the pin. Players must provide their own golf clubs.


Kickball League
What is a better way to reminisce the days of elementary school then to play kickball? Kickball is played on the Penn College soccer field with seven innings and nine players per team.

Open Gym

Open Gym
At times during the semester the Field House has open gym. This is a time when no intramurals are taking place and none of the athletic teams are practicing in the Field House. Open gym times vary throughout the semester. Contact Field House staff for availability.


Nine Ball Tournament
Nine ball is a true game of billiards skill as the cue ball must contact the lowest number ball on the table before contacting any others. Players are not required to call the shots in this game, and the game ends when one of the players reaches the required number of games won.
Doubles League or Tournament
Billiard games are usually a best-of-three series, but can be altered depending on the number of participants.
Singles League or Tournament
The pool league is held on Tuesday nights during fall and spring semesters. Tournaments are typically held on Sundays during the fall and spring semesters.


Indoor soccer is played in the Bardo Gym with five field players and a goalie on each team. Each game consists of 20 minute halves.

Table Tennis

Singles, Doubles, League, or Tournament
Amaze your friends with your hidden table tennis skills! The winner or winners are the first to win a best-of-three series.

Tailgate Tournament

Horseshoes, Washers, and Ladder Golf
What better way to spend an afternoon or evening.


Singles and Doubles
Tennis is a fun and exciting way to enjoy the outdoors. Intramural games are played on the Penn College tennis courts and cater to both the singles and doubles enthusiast.


Four on Four League and Sand Volleyball League
Play inside the Field House or outside on the sand volleyball court, the choice is yours. Both games are played with four players, and the first to reach 15 points is declared the winner.

If you choose to participate in intramural activities, you do so at your own risk. Penn College is not responsible for any student injury that occurs during participation in an intramural sport.

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