Athletic Forms

It is the current policy that all Pennsylvania College of Technology students participating in intercollegiate athletics provide the following information to help lessen exposure to potential accident or injury hazards that may exist as a result of participation in intercollegiate athletics.

All forms are required for all student-athletes participating in 2014-15.

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This document contains instructions for completing all forms. This document must be signed by parent/guardian and student-athlete and returned in order to participate.

Pre-Participation Physical Evaluation

This form contains a brief outline of your medical history. Student-athletes will not be allowed to participate in athletics without this form completed by a family physician.
Pre-participation pysical evaluation

Emergency Form

This form contains personal data, emergency notification, and insurance information. It is important that we have all this information in the event of a medical emergency.
Emergency form

Sickle Cell Trait Testing Form

This document provides information about sickle cell trait, testing recommendations for the condition, and a waiver. The waiver must be signed by the student-athlete, parent/guardian (if student-athlete is under 18 years of age), and a witness.
Sickle cell trait testing form
NCAA sickle cell trait video

Medical Consent Form

This form contains the consent for participation, first aid, emergency treatment, and pertinent medical information release.
Medical consent form

Health Appraisal Form

For freshmen and transfer students only . This form contains questions pertaining to the medical history of the student-athlete, pertinent for proper care of the student-athlete.
Health appraisal form

Student-athletes will not be allowed to tryout, practice, or participate in athletics without the above-mentioned forms. This is for student-athlete safety; all of the information will be held confidential. The athletic trainers, student trainers, and coaches will provide medical care to the best of their abilities in the event of injury.

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