Penn College vs Eastern University (Mar 07, 2012)

Penn College vs Eastern University (Mar 07, 2012)

Box Score

The Automated ScoreBook
Penn College vs Eastern University
Mar 07, 2012 at Myrtle Beach (Seahawk Field)

Penn College 0

Player  ab   r   h rbi  bb  so  po   a lob 
KEIFRIDER, Stephanie 1b 
YODER, Emily p 
KOLENO, Stephanie rf/cf 
FENNELL, Britni c 
LOSE, Lacy 3b 
   HOEY, Brittany rf 
WOODWARD, Kaseen cf/3b 
DAVIS, Casey ss 
ANDERSON, Lindsey 2b 
RITTER, Dana lf 
Totals 17 12 

Eastern University 14 (3-2)

Player  ab   r   h rbi  bb  so  po   a lob 
J. Baker cf 
J. Gangemi 2b 
J. Fair 1b 
M. McGowan p 
T. Jacobson rf 
   L. Wileczek rf 
E. Houck ss 
J. Schwartz 3b 
A. Baranik lf 
   L. Fox lf 
S. Terenzoni c 
   K. Donald ph 
Totals 26 14 13 12 15 

Score by Innings               R  H  E--------------------------------------Penn College........ 000 00 -  0  2  2Eastern University.. 228 2X - 14 13  0--------------------------------------
E - KOLENO; WOODWARD. LOB - Penn C. 5; Eastern 4. 2B - M. McGowan(3). 3B -YODER. HR - M. McGowan(1). HBP - J. Schwartz. SB - J. Baker 2(2).

Penn College  ip er bb so wp bk hbp ibb ab bf fo go 
YODER, Emily L  4.0 13 14 12 26 30 
Eastern University  ip er bb so wp bk hbp ibb ab bf fo go 
M. McGowan W,1-2  5.0 17 20 

Win - M. McGowan (1-2). Loss - YODER (). Save - None.WP - YODER 2. HBP - by YODER (J. Schwartz). PB - FENNELL.

Umpires -
Start: 9 Time: 1:20 Attendance: 55
Weather: getting warmer


The Automated ScoreBook
Penn College vs Eastern University
Mar 07, 2012 at Myrtle Beach (Seahawk Field)

Penn College starters: 18/1b KEIFRIDER; 28/p YODER; 23/rf KOLENO; 26/c FENNELL;38/3b LOSE; 32/cf WOODWARD; 19/ss DAVIS; 31/2b ANDERSON; 33/lf RITTER;

Eastern University starters: 8/cf J. Baker; 18/2b J. Gangemi; 10/1b J. Fair;17/p M. McGowan; 33/rf T. Jacobson; 12/ss E. Houck; 23/3b J. Schwartz; 13/lf A.Baranik; 4/c S. Terenzoni;

Penn College 1st - KEIFRIDER grounded out to ss.YODER tripled to right field. KOLENO reached on a fielder's choice; YODER outat home 2b to c. FENNELL singled; KOLENO advanced to second. LOSE struck outlooking. 0 runs, 2 hits, 0 errors, 2 LOB.

Eastern University 1st - J. Baker singled to thirdbase. J. Baker stole second. J. Gangemi popped up to 1b. J. Fair struck outswinging. M. McGowan homered, 2 RBI; J. Baker scored. T. Jacobson grounded outto 3b. 2 runs, 2 hits, 0 errors, 0 LOB.

Penn College 2nd - WOODWARD grounded out to 2b.DAVIS struck out swinging. ANDERSON struck out swinging, out at first c to 1b.0 runs, 0 hits, 0 errors, 0 LOB.

Eastern University 2nd - E. Houck singled toshortstop. J. Schwartz hit by pitch; E. Houck advanced to second. J. Schwartzadvanced to second; E. Houck advanced to third on a wild pitch. A. Baranikgrounded out to p, RBI; J. Schwartz advanced to third; E. Houck scored. S.Terenzoni popped up to p. J. Baker singled to third base, RBI; J. Schwartzscored. KOLENO to cf. HOEY to rf for LOSE. WOODWARD to 3b. J. Gangemi popped upto p. 2 runs, 2 hits, 0 errors, 1 LOB.

Penn College 3rd - RITTER walked. KEIFRIDER walked;RITTER advanced to second. YODER grounded out to 2b; KEIFRIDER advanced tosecond; RITTER advanced to third. KOLENO grounded out to 3b. diving stop.checked runners. strong throw. FENNELL lined out to rf. 0 runs, 0 hits, 0errors, 2 LOB.

Eastern University 3rd - J. Fair popped up to ss. M.McGowan doubled to left field. T. Jacobson walked. E. Houck singled to centerfield, RBI; T. Jacobson advanced to second; M. McGowan scored. J. Schwartzsingled to left field, RBI; E. Houck advanced to second; T. Jacobson scored. A.Baranik fouled out to 1b. J. Schwartz advanced to second; E. Houck advanced tothird on a wild pitch. S. Terenzoni singled to center field, advanced tosecond, 2 RBI; J. Schwartz scored; E. Houck scored. J. Baker singled, bunt; S.Terenzoni advanced to third. J. Baker stole second. J. Gangemi singled toshortstop, RBI; J. Baker advanced to third; S. Terenzoni scored. J. Gangemiadvanced to second on a passed ball. J. Fair singled, advanced to second, 2RBI; J. Gangemi scored; J. Baker scored. M. McGowan singled to center field,RBI; J. Fair scored. T. Jacobson walked; M. McGowan advanced to second. L.Wileczek to rf for T. Jacobson. E. Houck grounded out to p. 8 runs, 8hits, 0 errors, 2 LOB.

Penn College 4th - HOEY struck out looking. WOODWARDstruck out swinging. DAVIS struck out swinging. 0 runs, 0 hits, 0 errors,0 LOB.

Eastern University 4th - J. Schwartz walked. L. Foxto lf for A. Baranik. L. Fox popped up to ss. K. Donald pinch hit for S.Terenzoni. K. Donald singled, advanced to second on an error by 3b; J. Schwartzadvanced to third. J. Baker struck out swinging. J. Gangemi reached on an errorby cf; K. Donald scored, unearned; J. Schwartz scored, unearned. J. Fair poppedup to ss. 2 runs, 1 hit, 2 errors, 1 LOB.

Penn College 5th - S. Terenzoni to c for K. Donald.ANDERSON popped up to 2b. RITTER struck out swinging. KEIFRIDER walked. YODERgrounded out to 2b. 0 runs, 0 hits, 0 errors, 1 LOB.