QTA Reports and Research Publications

The College uses the following data-gathering and analysis instruments as part of its assessment strategy.

Standard Survey Reports

Graduate Survey – Short-term (6-to-12 month) graduate follow-up survey that explores initial educational and career outcomes and satisfaction with student services and program instruction. This is an annual survey commencing five months after the close of the previous spring semester.

Alumni Survey – Extended (3-to-5 year) graduate follow-up survey that explores longer-term educational and career outcomes and satisfaction.

Employer Survey – Follow-up survey of graduate employers that assesses satisfaction with graduate occupational skills and abilities.

Leaver Survey – Short-term (6-to-12 month) follow-up survey of non-graduating, non-returning students that analyzes attrition/retention, determines factors/reasons why students leave, and explores educational and career outcomes and satisfaction. Leaver surveys are done every two to three years. 

CIRP Freshman Survey – Annual national study coordinated by UCLA that provides a detailed profile of entering student characteristics, comparisons to national norms, and baseline data for longitudinal assessment of student growth and development. The Freshman Survey is produced on a two-year cycle.

CIRP Current Student Survey (CSS) – Annual national study coordinated by UCLA that provides a two- to three-year follow-up of the Freshman Survey to measure student growth and development.

NSSE – National Study of Student Engagement – A national survey of freshman and senior students in four-year programs that measures the quality of the undergraduate experience, especially as it relates to institutional engagement in teaching and learning activities. This survey is repeated on a two-year cycle, alternating with the Freshman Survey.  [See NSSE 2012 Summary]

Non-Matriculant Survey – Short-term (6-to-12 month) follow-up survey of accepted applicants who do not enroll. The survey analyzes the matriculation process, determines factors/reasons for not entering, and identifies the other colleges selected. This survey is conducted every two to three years.

Project Profile – Application questionnaire data combined with standard admissions and student records data for comparative analyses of several student sub-populations. 

Statistical Reference Reports

General Institutional Characteristics (GIC) – Semesterly enrollment and grade reports, which are produced at end of every semester. 

Third Week Preliminary Enrollment Report - Early/preliminary version of GIC enrollment data, which is produced after the third week of the semester.

Source Book – Annual, factual profile of the College and its environment, providing five years of detailed historical data. 

Planning Reports  

Long-Range Plan Annual Update – Report that documents changes to the College’s Long Range Plan (creation/revision/retirement of goals and tasks) and provides annual status reports for on-going planning tasks. 

Cumulative Long-Range Plan – Report that constitutes up to five years of recent history of long-range planning activities and outcomes.

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