Faculty Survey Results

August 2010

Following the August 12, 2010, all-College meeting, faculty met within their schools to review the Assessment Plan and Process.  Later that month, the Student Affairs staff reviewed the Plan/Process. A PowerPoint presentation and handouts introduced the key elements. Feedback forms yielded valuable information and questions.

January 2010

In January 2010, faculty participated in a survey activity designed to be used as a source of information to support the Middle States self-study process and the work of QTA. Faculty participated in group discussions and answered questions about their current use of assessment, including modes of assessing student learning outcomes (SLOs), assessment-related professional development activities, and assessment of core curriculum within major-related courses. Survey Highlights (PDF)

November 2007

As explained in the Mid-project Update, November 2007, the QTA Committee developed and distributed a Faculty Survey of Assessment Mechanisms at the beginning of the Fall 2007 semester. The aggregated results of that survey follow.

The survey included several open-ended questions in an effort to gain qualitative feedback on the assessment processes currently in use for program review, accreditation, and certification. The answers to these questions were analyzed to determine common themes represented by the respondents. The questions and the four common themes are presented below:

Open-ended Questions:

  • What are any recommendations you might have for the [program review, accreditation, and certification] process?
  • How could the College’s process be improved?
  • What resources would be helpful to you for program review/accreditation/certification/endorsement?

Response Themes:

  • Faculty recommend that more assistance be provided for the assessment processes in place at Penn College. They noted the need for help in the form of a facilitator, leader, or coordinator.
  • Faculty recommend that the assessment processes involve more stakeholders.
  • Faculty recommend that the processes become streamlined and be made perpetual.
  • Faculty recommend that more support be provided for the assessment process in the form of staffing (as noted above), data provision, and stipends or release time to do assessment.

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