Jolene and Jason FurlAugust 1998, was an exciting time for me, Jolene Nunn (then), as I was about to take a new adventure in life. I had not expected Pennsylvania College of Technology to take me on so many different paths, but I am glad it had. Commuting for two years, because my home was only 30 minutes away, made it difficult to get to know others and make friends. Right away, I joined the Cross-Country team, so that I could continue my love for running in my College years and meet new friends outside of class. The commute for two years was taxing on me in so many ways; therefore, I decided to apply for the Resident Assistants (RA) program. That is where our love story begins.

I decided to apply for the Resident Assistants (RA) program. That is where our love story begins.

A Saturday morning in April of 2000 a friend and I walked into the CC (Bush Campus Center) ready to go through a fun day of interviewing and team building activities. Little did I know, my future sweetheart would be interviewing as well and hoping to get a position as an RA. As the day progressed, I caught a glimpse of Jason and thought he was pretty cute, but I did not want to be distracted by him and continued to focus on the day. After the interview process several weeks later, I found out I had gotten a position as an RA in Campus View and was thrilled. I was finally able to pack my bags and move away from home. Campus life HERE I COME!!!

Jolene Furl, leftWhen I showed up to move in to Campus View, guess who was on my staff you guessed it; that cute guy I saw during our interview day, Jason Furl. WAHOO the position just got better! As the year progressed, Jason and I became best friends. We had a great time hanging out, doing RA duties and programs together, and often grabbing a bite to eat in the cafeteria. At the end that year we decided to become more than friends and began dating.

Jolene, 1st row 4th from left, and Jason Furl, 2nd row 2nd from leftThe next year we were RA's together in Campus View again. I always remember our "date nights" were a sub from Wegman's or Sheets; both were cheap but super good. It was fun to work together and we became even closer. Ending my degree in Human Services, I had to participate in a full-year internship. Residence Life offered a fairly new internship position that allowed me to continue working with the students I had come so close to, live on-campus, and added some new responsibilities within Residence Life. During this year, both Jason and I learned how to continue and grow our relationship long distance, as he was called to serve in Iraq. Jason had weekend drills while we had been dating those last two years, but this time it was going to be months until I saw him again. I was crushed and heart-broken, but knew God would bring him back home safe. We quickly got enngaged and he was off to war. While he was away we communicated via cell phones that broke up during our conversations and letters that would take two weeks to be received, but our relationship grew stronger.

The Furl familyWhile Jason was gone, I graduated with a Bachelor in Human Services, became a Residence Life Coordinator for the Village Apartments, and had an RA staff of my own. During this time at Penn College now as an employee, I was able to gain a lot of confidence, grow spiritually, and empower others on my team. Being employed at Penn College was an opportunity I will cherish forever. When Jason arrived home 15 months later, we got married, and I became Jolene Furl. Continuing as a Coordinator, our first home together was in the Village Apartments. Shortly, we found out that we would be the first to have a baby in on-campus housing. March 13, 2005, the Village Apartments welcomed Ryan home. Jason graduated that May with his Bachelor in Civil Engineering and was quickly offered a job in the Baltimore area. Penn College had been our home for many years and it was sad to leave but a new journey was about to begin in Maryland.

Today, we are happily married for 8 years. We have moved into a sweet home in Gambrills, MD. Jason continues to work for Structural Preservation Systems as a Project Manager. But the best of all, we have added to our family over the years.

Our oldest, Ryan is now 7, Mason is 5, Adelyn is 3, and Preston is 15 months. If it wasn't for meeting at Penn College and falling in love, our wonderful family of six would not be.

Thank you Penn College!
Jason and Jolene Furl and Family

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