Academic Resources


  • Academic Affairs
    • Provides a holistic educational experience, from pre-enrollment through graduation and beyond, focusing on preparing our students to be responsible, productive leaders in society.
  • Academic Success Center
    • Works as a cohesive unit in partnership with the College community to assist students in becoming active, responsible, and successful learners.
  • Academic Services & First Year Programs
    • Provides support and direction for students as they make academic decisions.
  • Career Services
    • Assists students in their successful transition from college to career, providing job search and job keeping skills, tools, advice, and programs to enhance students’ personal and professional growth.
  • Counseling Services
    • Assists students in making appropriate career choices, developing plans to achieve their goals, and cultivating their emotional and mental well being.
  • Disability Services
    • Provides students with disabilities the support and accommodations they need to take advantage of the academic opportunities at Penn College.
  • Registrar
    • Plans and oversees registration and scheduling activities, maintains academic records, prepares and distributes transcripts, and verifies completion of graduation requirements.
  • Tutoring Center
    • Provides students with educational support from student and professional tutors in English, mathematics, and a variety of other subject areas.


  • College Catalog
    • Lists all academic majors offered by the College, degree requirements, and course descriptions.
  • Alternative Credit
    • Information relating to earning academic credit through means other than traditional course completion. Examples include credit by exam, work/life experience, and advanced placement.
  • PCToday
    • Online source for College news and information.
  • Student Rights and Responsibilities
    • Standards of conduct, regulations, statutes, and College policies for which students are responsible.
  • Transfer to Penn College
    • Information relating to the guidelines and processes for students wishing to transfer credits earned at another institution.


  • Career Exploration
    • Program that exposes students to various career fields, examines requirements for a variety of careers, examines the relationship of educational achievement to career opportunities, identifies personal strengths and weaknesses/interests and abilities, and develops graduation plans.
  • Project Success
    • Free, 13-hour study skills program offered by Academic Success Center.

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