The Final Push

Parent Newsletter article – Spring 2013, Issue 2

We shall not fail or falter; we shall not weaken or tire … Give us the tools and we will finish the job.  – Sir Winston Churchill

Genius begins great works; labor alone finishes them. – Joseph Joubert

Mid-terms are over, spring break has come and gone, and all that is left between your son or daughter and the summer are … Finals!  This can be a stressful time of the year for students.  Many instructors load courses more heavily with papers and tests during the second half of the semester. Students who could comfortably handle the workload during the first half of the semester start to panic as they feel overwhelmed during the second half. Then finals week hits! After a couple of months of little contact, you might start receiving phone calls or texts from your son or daughter needing support during this stressful time.  Being armed with information can help you lead these conversations down constructive paths that will help your son or daughter finish the semester strong.

First, remind your son or daughter that they do not have to go it alone!  The Academic Success Center has a variety of tutoring options that can fit any schedule. The Tutoring Center and Writing Center are available on a drop-in basis for tutoring in mathematics (from developmental to upper college-level courses) or to get help writing papers (from initial concept through drafting and final revisions). Students can schedule appointments for math, writing, biology, or speech tutoring through the department’s myPCT portal site. Tutoring is also available for 24 other subject areas such as psychology, CAD, economics, accounting, hospitality, and physics, just to name a few. In addition, academic assistance is available through Supplemental Instruction, Small Group Tutoring, and Smarthinking (24/7 online tutoring service). If your son or daughter needs help in a subject not currently tutored, encourage him/her to come speak to us about the possibility of finding a tutor for it. Many times we are able to do this.

Perhaps it is the feeling of being overwhelmed that has your son or daughter paralyzed and unable to face the end of the semester. Having someone who he or she can meet with can break that paralysis. Our Academic Mentoring program is available to match students with professional mentors who can guide them through the end of the semester by offering motivation and support. Working together on topics such as test anxiety, stress, and time management can often break down the impossible into the possible.

Finally, if procrastination has been your son or daughter’s Achilles heel, encourage him/her that now is the time to take care of it by attending a Project Success/Need 2 Know workshop on “Prepping for Finals.” By learning active study strategies (not just poring over notes), and chunking material into a “Five Day Study Plan,” your son or daughter will stay on top of subjects in order to do well on final exams.

Yes, the end of the semester is hard, but using time wisely, preparing well, and using the resources available, your son or daughter will be able to handle the end of their spring semester and leave for the summer with a sense of accomplishment and a strong GPA. The Academic Success Center offers them a place to go for support during the end of the semester. All services are free and all students are encouraged to come to the Center located in the first floor wing of the Klump Academic Center.

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