Checklist for Success

Penn College is ready to welcome you... and give you the opportunity to learn more about what it takes to be successful at Penn College. Whether you are enrolling in college for the first time or transferring from another college or university, you will benefit greatly from participating in these Penn College activities.

Campus Tour

Penn College tour group in front of the Bush Campus Center

degrees that work
begin with preparation, planning, and personal commitment.

A tour is an important, early step in choosing the college that is right for you. Compare what different colleges provide. Penn College is a place where you will find:

  • Attractive, modern facilities
  • Access to the latest technology in classrooms, labs, and study areas
  • Learning laboratories with industry-standard equipment that simulates the most advanced workplaces
  • Modern library with coffeehouse, meeting space, computer area, and art gallery
  • On-campus housing and off-campus private housing within walking distance to campus
  • Multiple on-campus dining facilities
  • Recreational facilities, athletic fields, and fitness center
  • Variety of social opportunities

Before leaving campus, submit your Application for Admission following your campus tour and the application fee is waived.

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Open House

Open House

Open House, held each fall and spring, provides the best opportunity to see the entire campus in action. Faculty and students showcase facilities and equipment in each major. Open House is the perfect time to:

  • Explore a wide variety of programs to help you choose your career and major
  • Take a campus tour with a student ambassador
  • Attend information sessions to learn about admissions, financial aid, and academics
  • Meet school deans, faculty, and students
  • Visit classrooms and labs
  • Tour on-campus, first-year student housing and visit dining facilities
  • Learn about student services, from counseling and health services to tutoring and other academic services offered by the Academic Success Center
  • Get information on campus activities, including athletics, student organizations, and Greek life
  • Meet with area off-campus landlords

Before leaving campus, submit your Application for Admission following your Open House visit and the application fee is waived.

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Placement Testing

Placement testing is required to secure admission into your selected major. It also serves as a basis for choosing your first semester classes. The placement tests measure your skills in math, reading, and English. Transfer courses and/or your SAT/ACT scores may satisfy the testing requirement in related areas.

If you come to campus to test, you will also have the opportunity to:

  • Receive information about important steps, dates, and activities that lead to enrollment, including advising sessions and Connections (orientation)
  • Visit campus offices to ask questions and gather information

If parents or guests accompany you to campus, they will have the opportunity to attend an information session explaining the transition to college life. They will learn more about:

  • Preparing students for success
    • Testing
    • Advising
    • Scheduling
    • Connections (orientation)
  • Supporting student success on campus
    • Academic Success Center
    • Health and safety
    • Housing and meal plans
    • Campus life
    • Parents as partners
    • Billing and financial aid processes

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Pre-Enrollment Advising Session

Pre-Enrollment Advising Session

Your placement test results, and their impact on your plans for enrollment, are explained during a Pre-Enrollment Advising Session. You will meet one-on-one with faculty and/or your school dean to learn more about your choice of career and major. Students who are exempt from placement testing are also invited to attend. You will:

  • Receive an explanation of your test results
  • Discuss the impact of your test results on your choice of major
  • Explore your career options
  • If applicable, learn how developmental courses could affect your academic career, and your options for satisfying developmental requirements
  • Learn about the scheduling process and discuss the impact of your test results on your class schedule
  • See a demonstration of the online Student Information System (SIS) related to class schedule, graduation profile, and statement of account
  • Ask questions of your faculty and/or school dean

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Connections is a two-day orientation program designed to help new students (including transfer and adult students) and families get ready for college.

Since being prepared for new experiences and the challenges of college life supports students' success. Attendance is required for all students (except those enrolled in distance learning majors).

During the two-day program, you will:

  • Learn how to complete important processes, including paying your bill, processing financial aid, and buying books
  • Pick up your student ID
  • Learn more about academic expectations and social opportunities
  • Gain an understanding of what it takes to be successful in college
  • Gain new friends, interact with other incoming students, and make connections with faculty and staff
  • Get answers to all of your questions, so you are ready to start classes

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Each of these items is important in achieving success at Penn College. Use this checklist to keep track of what you have completed and what you still must do. E-mail or phone 800-367-9222 if you have questions or need assistance.

Choose the right career and major

Choose the right college

  • I compared colleges that offer programs related to my career choice.
  • I understand the value of applied technology, which combines classroom lecture/theory with hands-on experience in laboratories and in the workplace.
  • I understand the value of program accreditations and have compared colleges’ accreditations.
  • I compared college campuses and considered options for housing, dining, studying (library and open laboratories), recreation, and other activities.

Apply for admission

  • I understand the Penn College admissions policy and process.
  • I know how to contact the Admissions Office if I have questions or concerns.
  • I understand that in-state or out-of-state residency determines my rate of tuition.
  • I asked my high school to send my transcript to the Penn College Admissions Office.
  • If I attended another college or university, I asked to have my official transcript forwarded to the Penn College Admissions Office for transfer credit review.
  • If I require accommodations for disabilities, I contacted the Disability Services Office.
  • I understand the importance of taking my SATs/ACTs and having my scores sent to the Penn College Admissions Office directly from College Board/ACT.

Get to class

  • I know how to read my class schedule.
  • I know how to use a campus map to find my classes and locate student parking.
  • I understand the importance of attending every class.
  • I understand the importance of getting to class on time.
  • I understand that classes will end approximately 10 minutes before the scheduled end time to allow time for back-to-back classes.

Prepare for academic success

  • I understand the careers associated with my major and the importance of meeting academic requirements to be successful in my field of study.
  • I know the name of my major (and its code/abbreviation) and my academic school.
  • I met my school dean.
  • I met faculty in my major.
  • I understand that any developmental requirements I have will impact my program of study.
  • I identified my faculty adviser (using SIS) and I understand that he/she plays an important role in helping me achieve academic success.
  • I reviewed the requirements of my major in the online College catalog and understand that I am responsible for meeting all requirements before I am eligible to graduate.
  • I understand the process of scheduling classes.
  • I understand that I am not officially registered for classes until I have paid my tuition.
  • I understand that I can drop or add classes by following official College procedures.
  • I understand that dropping classes, not attending or withdrawing from classes, and changing majors may affect my academic progress, and delay my graduation.
  • If I decide to change my major, I know I must contact the Registrar’s Office.
  • I know that my student profile/transcript is a record of my academic progress (class schedule, grades, etc.) held by the Registrar’s Office.
  • I know how to calculate my grade-point average at the end of each semester to ensure I am making academic progress.
  • I know that failure to make satisfactory academic progress could lead to academic probation and/or dismissal from Penn College.
  • I know how to use tutoring and other academic services offered by the Academic Success Center.

Be financially responsible... be sure to meet deadlines

  • I calculated my estimated expenses for tuition and other costs associated with college life.
  • I completed the FAFSA form to determine my eligibility for financial aid.
  • I know that financial aid may include free grants as well as loans that must be repaid and I am careful not to exceed a reasonable debt load.
  • I am careful to avoid financial aid and loan scams.
  • I completed the scholarship application form.
  • I know that part-time and work-study jobs may be available on campus.
  • I know that failure to make required satisfactory academic progress could lead to the loss of my financial aid.
  • I understand Penn College’s billing process and how to use eBill.
  • I understand how to request optional services (meal plan, parking permits, etc.) through eBill.
  • I understand the Higher One refund process and how to access my refunds.
  • I understand how to use the PCT OneCard (and the difference between this and my student ID).
  • I know how to use my Penn College student ID to use free bus transportation in the community.
  • I know how to buy new/used textbooks, discounted hardware/software, tools, and supplies through The College Store.

Get involved

  • I know that being an active member of the campus community is important.
  • I know that being a good citizen and neighbor in the local community is important.
  • I learned about student organizations and Greek Life and activities outside of class.
  • I explored opportunities for intercollegiate athletics, club sports, and intramural/extramural programs.
  • I know that being an active student leader is an important way to build my resume and enhance my opportunities for success.

Stay connected

  • I have my Penn College student ID card.
  • My name, address, and contact information is up-to-date on my official record in the Registrar’s Office, which can be updated online through SIS.
  • I know/use my Penn College e-mail address; Penn College offices will use this address to stay in contact throughout my enrollment.
  • I know/use SIS and the myPCT student portal.
  • I know how to contact the Information Technology Services Student Help Desk for assistance with computer related questions and concerns.

Be safe and socially responsible

  • I understand my rights and responsibilities as a member of the Penn College community.
  • I understand my responsibility to abide by laws and by Penn College policies.
  • I subscribed to PCT Alerts to be notified of campus closings, emergencies, and class cancellations.
  • I know how to keep myself safe – on and off campus – and how to respond in case of an emergency.
  • I know how to request assistance from the Penn College Police and how to use on-campus emergency call boxes.
  • I know how to report a crime or policy violation.
  • I am aware of potential dangers of alcohol and drug use and reckless socializing (including online social networking).
  • I know that counseling services are available to assist me in dealing with personal and academic problems.
  • I know how and when to use on-campus health services.
  • I am covered by medical insurance and have provided insurance information to College Health Services.
  • I have completed all health forms and required immunizations.
  • If I choose to live off-campus or commute from home, I am aware of the Off-Campus Living & Commuter Services Office and the services it provides.

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